A tried and tested Technology Information System Exchanges between senior manufacturing personnel and Senior distribution companies.


Distributors, Wholesalers, Importers and Retailers recognize  the need to keep abreast of the latest developments in their industry with innovations, trends, materials, products and  services.


BCTE's fresh approach allows these companies to gain first-hand information, from the senior management of the Brazilian ceramic tiles manufacturing companies and keep a Brazilian presence in their regional markets.


At BCTE, product information and technological advances are shared and discussed in a series of private, one to one meetings in their own ʻmini exhibitionʼ space. These two-way exchanges ensure that leading distribution companies are consulted on the development and delivery of innovative products; they further ensure that such products and services maintain their relevance in the market-place for the long-term.


Putting the Distribution Companies in Charge


BCTE Manufactures and all their delegates have their own ‘Mini Exhibition’ space and their own meeting tables where the Distributors, Wholesalers, Importers and Retailers attend at a specified time according to their personal schedule itinerary. Delegates find that the 40 minutes personal one to one scheduled meetings allows both parts to be more in control, relaxed and attentive during the business meeting sessions.


All the meetings during the events will be according to  prior agreement. On average every delegate will have specifically-requested half of their meetings and the other half are as a result of mutual or manufacturer’s requests.


Pre-Selected Meetings


All delegates, from whatever side of the spectrum, will know precisely which company they will meet before the event takes place. They can also be assured that each meeting will be with a senior member of their respective businesses and able to discuss business on an international level.


Your Personalized  Itinerary


1. The event is designed to allow both manufacturer and distributors delegates knowledge of who is going to attend in advance so they are able to prepare for their meetings in good time:


• Both manufacturers and distributors will have their own dedicated web page online and in the printed directory produced for the event.

• Manufacturers will be able to view distributor’s information and their profile and requirements, thus allowing them ample preparation time for their meetings.


You Select Your Best Prospects


2. A well-recognized matchmaking company will make an interview with Brazilian manufactures and invitees so they are able to build the most suitable schedule for both parts.  


Your Personal Schedule is Prepared


3. Five days prior the event, a personalized meeting schedule will be sent to each delegate and invitee by e-mail. Meetings will be conducted in the Ballroom of the hotel where the manufacturers will have their own ‘Mini Exhibition’ booth space and numbered tables.


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BCTE - Brazil Ceramic Tiles Experience 

The Leading Brazil Ceramic Tiles Ware Distributors Forum


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